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           CRAIG VENTER, fourletter-painter, Pablo asking HOW?  2011




Important points:


Behind the cellular indicated figure Craig Venter is seen as a gray "ash wallpaper" a section of Goya's famous painting "Execution of the Rebels on May 2, 1808" in Madrid. Composition and painting style of the original direct opposition to the Christian concept of salvation rather than annihilation.


(See relevant interpretations in the literature, even compared to DAVID's Marat image)


Varies by me through some cellular ingredients


(Mitochondria, Golgi, etc.) structure-extinction by biochemical structures into low-resolution structural energy for further use. (Transformation)


The floor of the studio shows the 4 letters of the symbol 4 Life-making amino acids that form the DNA sequence. (Adenine, cytosine, guanine, thymine), (number, combination, length, intra + intereraktionen, epigenetics, etc.)


The easel points to the artificiality of the to be established by trial and error towards artificial life forms (scientific bio-design).


To the cellular space around (on the easel) you can see diamond-shaped red-orange shapes = fat cells under the microscope = energy without which life can not viably.


At the upper end of a small easel photo of Dali (deliquescent time)


In the bottom center Picasso (Why? He left the human figure in any of his innovative style portrait contraptions. (Absolute master of this genre, and thus as an expert in his field model for BIO-artists?) (I would like to hear his opinion)


Below Magritte appearance and reality.


In the central field to edit cell. (My personal cell)


 gen-editing is a matter of trial and error a matter of the head not painterly intuition. and that includes knowledge, so research, research research


All other interpretive associations are left to personal interpretation