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                                                AMISSA   CONFESSIONES



                                                      HORTUS POETICUS VITAE




                                                              The Lakshmi-Kartell                   






                                                           johannes KA von zweizell




                                             Avant-garde is what creates new traditions


                           Freedom without responsibility is abuse of freedom



That's interesting.


For centuries, in history of art the credo was the standard in critical art assessment:

IMITATION (nature) and EXCELLENCE and then, after the end of normative aesthetics, the complete

autonomy of art in its own rules and rights.

There is no art, there are only artists!



Beuys showed us how to do it.


If the playing field is saturated, declined in all directions, tried out, you simply expand the overarching term in the case of art and many, many new options arise, it just takes a while until it has established itself. But at some point everyone will soon chatter “Everyone is an artist”. Ultimately, everything can be ART.


Is a question of propaganda, i.e. of the market.


So the next step is:


 if we expand the concept of being human, then with CRSPR, metal, silicon ,electronics. cables a.s.o., the organic playing field can be endlessly expanded.


 Bet that?T


                                                   The freewilling dispend of disbelieve.




The propaganda, the market will fix it.



In contemporary art: great things. But ultimately all variants. Nothing really NEW is to be expected.

All battles have been fought. But of course you should be open and let yourself be surpised.

One cannot know.

With new media, technologies really create new art?


People are always looking for interpretable patterns.

Is everything just a sniffing eye-booth magic then?

But I want to draw your attention to another aspect of creativity.

Something revolutionary, perhaps dangerous, is shining on the horizon

Genetic engineering, robotics, cyborg, all areas that will use creativity, shapes, color, iedological positions and struggles for power, etc., the essential instruments of art.


LIFE and ART have to reflect a new level. ( look text CONFESSIONES )


Basically my work wants some knowledge of the history of art and the visible organic structures as seen through a microscope. So a deeper cognitive understanding is reached. At the same time the paintings,videos have an aesthetic value of their own and can show, besides their content, the beauty of the fabric of life.








                                                  HORTUS POETICUS VITAE



The cell sculptures standing are the "STARS" of the art-park (nucleus with cell organelles, mitochondria, Golgi, endiplasmat.reticulum and others, and neuronic forest ) can be put up either as permanent park or as a big sculpture with Golgi as a bar-sculpture and the the nucleus as a video performance on a flatscreen. In front of this  a room for cutting and computer work could be put up, where artists, supported by a scholarship,  are able to develop artistically their  opinions on current scientific issues. Park visitors can meet at the Golgi Bar in order to reflect on  or discuss  permanent   project of science versus art.The bar may serve as  a meeting place for enlightened citizens who want to have a say in this matter. (This would certainly encourage visitors to have a look at the museum.)




an interesting bonmot


my credo





                                     EVERYTHING ELSE IS DONE BY EVERYBODY E



Material: oil on canvas, copper, brass, steel, plaster, photo of processed clay, film of cell material of my blood.

VIDEOS  on still lifes  brought back to life by cell division, my blood (bloodwine)

Technical equippment: speed-controlled flatscreens ( 2.60m x 1.50m, 300m x 2.00m) with footkick switches or sensors.